13 April 2011

It was HOW big?!

You need never wonder again with these tremendous tape measure shoes. Actually, you'll be forever wondering because some foo' at Irregular Choice twisted up the tape measure to make a pretty rosette so you ain't goin' be measuring nuffink with it! Aw, but they're so pretty you won't care.

I love these shoes. And I thought it was time to get back to the shoes challenge. For those who don't know (HELLO new readers - man am I excited to see you all - I logged in to do this post and my numbers have gone triple. I'd write this if nobody read it but that fact that people do heartens me no end! THANK YOU!), I'm aiming to wear all of my hundred-ish pair of shoes over the course of a year. The year's up in August and this lil' Irregular Choice pair, from Schuh circa 2004-ish, are pair # 56. Observe the thoroughly munched heel that I've caught between numerous kerbs, paving stones and cobbles around Edinburgh. Damn the kerbs, paving stones and cobbles. DAMN ALL THE KERBS, PAVING STONES AND COBBLES who've ruined my shoes! Sorry - got a bit carried away there. And damn the stupid car park at work too which does wicked and evil work on the toes of shoes too. See left toe below.

I tell thee, it's tough keeping your shoes in decent condition when there are evil cobbles and car parks lurking, waiting to munch fook out of them.

Anyhoo, the point is that, pavement munchery or no pavement munchery, I love these shoes. I have a general rule that heels are high or they're, er not, i.e. I don't do mid or kitten heels. I love a leg lengthening, giant, height giving heel and I appreciate the comfort of a flat once in a while but in-betweenies are just a no go. However, for these pretty little things, I made an exception. They have a delightful almond-esque toe, pretty red trim and the aforementioned rosette embellished with a teeny little red jewel. Adorable. What's not to love?

Now, before you hit the next picture I must issue a warning. It's a mad eye warning. Yup, yet again, the red eye remover thing's made me look well mental. Either that or the exorcism is beginning.

I decided to wear the shoes with something a wee bit girlie, a wee bit blokeish, hence the strapless dress with the lumberjack checked shirt. Oh and the big girlie ass belt. Please also excuse the crap hair. On account of now being a gym angel who goes to the gym ALL THE FREAKING TIME (I've just discovered body combat. I thought I knew what stupid looked like already. However, having now seen myself in the mirror flinging punches at an invisible adversary, I can confirm that I now know what stupid looks like.), I end up taking all my pictures post, post-gym shower when I have no make up on and my hair is crap. Bite me.

For those interested, the dress is Urban Outfitters, shirt Primarni and the belt is from Miss Selfridge. I love it because it's kitsch as a fuzzy rabbit snogging a Babycham fawn (OK, maybe not that kitsch), it makes my waist weeny and because it stops me reaching for a 3pm biscuit on account of its tightness. Winner! And, with that, I am off to bed! Night!


Maria said...

I did wonder what this post was going to be about ;) I love these shoes and the belt is AMAZING! Very impressed with your gym commitment though love, that's fab! :)

Maria xxx

Abbie said...

Those shoes are Brilliant!! Love the tape measure inventiveness :) and your belt is awesome too!

Jolly Good said...

I used to have those shoes! I loved them so much, obviously too much as the heels got completely wrecked and I just couldn't wear them anymore. So jealous that yours are still wearable. xxx

Alex said...

Ooh I didn't realise they'd done them in that colourway. I'm a big fan of the pinstripe ones (heeled version, not kitten heel) but have never managed to buy myself a pair. I keep getting sidetracked by more frivolous styles.

sacramento said...

Magic shoes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I love the heart belt too. Well, the whole outfit is fantastic.

Sophie - Country girl said...

such pretty shoes! I tagged you for the Kreativ blogger award on my blog :)

Bonnie said...

I have never seen anything like this before.
I kind of like it!

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

ashlee said...

The Heart Belt is SO adorable! LOVE IT!

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

love these! x hivenn

Anonymous said...

your shoes are so clever! love it


dinoprincesschar said...

beautiful, i made an exception to my usual kitten heel rule for these babies as well, and i love them :) they look fab with the amazing belt, and they are my favourites over both my sensible black pinstripe heels and my yellow and blue kitten heel tape measures..i think anyway :) mines are a lot scuffier than yours though :( white is a tricky colour!