22 August 2012

Little Scribbler: sells stuff on eBay. Stuff YOU want.

Oh yes you do. The stuff is here <- click it!

Yes, it's clear out time. I decided to have a pretty brutal wardrobe purge this time because I've lost some weight this year (in a nice sustainable way and accompanied by plenty of exercising, which I am quite enjoying) and, as well as getting rid of some stuff that's a bit big, I'm also clearing out a load of stuff that I need to not keep. Y'know, the stuff you wear on 'fat' days when it feels like you're poking out of everything else. Think Homer Simpson's work from home project where he ended up wearing moomoos. Basically, I'm trying to give myself a fighting chance at keeping slimmer and, one way of doing that is by telling myself that there's nothing to wear. I'm curious as to how any of you stay in shape or to hear/read about anyone that's successfully not just lost weight, but actually kept it off too. I love a good success story!

ANYWAY, that's probably a whole other post. Point is that I'm selling clothes on eBay that are too big, as well as other clothing goodies too. There's some awesome stuff in there and it all starts at just 99p. Gawd, how shameless-sales-person am I being!? But seriously - check out some of this awesomeness.

Brillo Urban Outfitters tiger jumper.

Gorgeous dress that I MADE! With my own hands. And a sewing machine, obvs.

Beautiful 50s reproduction dress that I got at a vintage fair. Made by a dead nice lady!

You'll look like a sexy MF in this! It's not so much that this is too big, more that it's gradually becoming more and more apparent that my pear shaped proportions will never fit it properly. Someone's going to look divine in it though!

I love this prim secretarial pussy bow dress. It was too big anyway. I had vague intentions to take it and and never got round to it. Which tells me it should be off to a good home elsewhere.

Oh lord. I love this dress. So much. I almost can't believe I'm selling it. However, I don't have enough of a bust to fill the top of it so it just flops off me. Another one that truly deserves a good home.

Isn't this dress a ray of sunshine!?

Now this dress. This dress I am gutted to be getting rid of but it just doesn't stay up. And I know I'll never get round to having it taken in. There's SO much fabric in it, the bodice is boned and it's really just a dream.
And in a final shameless plug, you can find all these goodies and more here. Listings all end Sunday 26th. Happy shopping! x


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you made that gorgeous dress! Heading to eBay!

Please may I? said...

Some very pretty stuff. I am sure you will do well with your sales.

X x

Bibi said...

Wow those dresses are beautiful! Such a great post. And the tiger jumper is sweet :))

Lots of love,

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The weather was perfect for walking. I am sorry not to have met you, but there is always another time.
I shall have a look at your Ebay too,although I manage to bring about 20 kilos of secondhand clothes, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Much love, dear llara.