12 August 2012

Little Scribbler: Bags some bargains

The tail end of the sales: often full of shite.

The Primark sale: usually full of shite.

The tail end of the Primark sale: should be full of shite

But, no! Not in Primark Plymouth. Yes, I was in Plymouth this week. Specifically, my buddy and I drove nearly 1200 miles, between Monday and Wednesday, from Edinburgh to Wolverhampton to Plymouth and back to Edinburgh. We were seeing Blur. And visiting Plymouth gin. I'll fill you in on it soon! However, on account of having forgotten how manky and stinky one gets in a mosh pit (I tend to hang out where there's dancing room at gigs these days but Blur demand some serious down the front squishing), we had to stop to get some clean clothes when we arrived in Plymouth. First up I needed a jumper. I got this holey pink number. It was not in the sale but 12 quid seemed fair to me.

And, being a ginormous magpie, I couldn't ignore this giant sparkly necklace (I know - 'needed clean clothes' doesn't exactly call to mind a giant sparkly necklace). I nearly hypnotised a colleague with it today. This could be useful at work actually... "you are feeling very sleepy. You want to give me a pay rise...". For £6, this is high end Primark pricing.

And so to the cheapy bits...

This gorge teal calf length dress was a tenner. It came with a nasty plastic belt which is already in my recently created cash for clothes mountain. The tight-as-you-like underskirt needs chopped out but, aside from that, this dress is great! Look how skirty it is!

Next up, this super pretty, girlie, floral number was down to £8. Again, it has a woefully tight but, this time, mercifully stretchy underskirt (it'd be completely see through otherwise!). That aside, it's a floaty pink confection. Now if summer would come along, it'd be perfect...

And finally - the fiver dress. BARGAIN! It's super light, floaty fabric with a lovely silky feel. Mind you, I'd bet my ass that if you came near me with a match (lit or not), I'd likely go up in a dramatic POUF! The stripes down the sides have a glorious slimming/shaping effect and I love the vibrant purple/blue flowers. I should've flipped it for you too as it has a nice chunky gold exposed zip - you'll need to take my word for that...

Look - I loved it so much, I wore it as soon as I could!
dress and necklace: Primark (keep up!), flip flops: Havaianas.
 I gave the amazing necklace a whirl too. It didn't swing me a pay rise...there's always tomorrow ;-)


Please may I? said...

Loving your buys, the two floral dresses are stunning.

X x

Vix said...

I'm so jealous of your Blur stalking!!! Those purchases are amazing, those frocks are gorgeous and you look amazing! xxx

Sabrina T. said...

lovely precious details:)nice here

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Clara Turbay said...

I like the way you interpret your style through your clothes.

Krista said...

Blur heck yeah! Im loving all of these dresses especially the pink floral number and girl you look good in yo new dress! Great scores!

PlainJane said...

I know I'm massively late in on this, but I can't BELIEVE those last 2 dresses are from Primark! I genuinely would have believed you if you'd claimed to have picked them up at a vintage fair! Nice work!