5 August 2012

Little Scribbler: In neon

As far as actual, official fashion trends go, I can take or leave a lot of them. This season, I will NOT be rocking (or schlepping about in) a peplum. I hate them with a passion. A massive passion. Though I watched Shirley Valentine last night for the first time ever and that lady worked a peplum big time. But it was the 80s.

Next season, I will also not be embracing all things eastern a la Hermes or Proenza Schouler. I won't be wearing right ugly, clumpy shoes like those showcased at Prada and Miu Miu (though please, do go forth and clump if they're your bag!). And, no matter what happens, I shall not be wearing a tunic over trousers or any of those bog awful, rotten giant over sized suits. I don't care who you are, those things look like shite. That said, I'm definitely into all the OTT glitter, sequins etc around for AW12 and, if you gave me a Burberry owl t-shirt, I'd likely want to be your friend. They're so cute!

So cute. Like wot I already said.
But, one thing that's really got me going this summer is NEON! It's one of those trends that was something  I was wearing here and there anyway (Had an awesome pink jewelled Primark necklace for years and my Cambridge satchel was a sale purchase from Urban Outfitters just after Christmas BUT I also have a deep dislike of neon pink vests - they're always worn by those that they do nothing for) that just suddenly felt even more right! I'm a fan of neon because it's bright (duh) and garish and those things work for me. Plus, it's fun to wear bright, fruity, popping shades when it pisses rain with monotonous regularity (see rain splooshes on my bag below!), as seems to be the weather's wont of late. Ah well. I'm off to pack: I'm away to see a lot of Blur in the next coupla days...

jumper: San Francisco Boutique, bag: Cambridge Satchel, skirt: Topshop, shoes: McQ. Doesn't the neon make me look tanned?!
Raindrops keep fallin' on my...bag.
In yo' face with tha leopard print colour! Necklace: ASDA. Fo' real.
These shoes are an actual fucker to walk in - especially with tights on - but, man, I love them!


Please may I? said...

As long as we have glitter I am a happy bunny. Know what you mean about some of trends but at least we are not sheep as the saying goes.

X x

Anonymous said...

You do rock bright colours so well!
Personally, I would wear anything with an owl on it Prade or otherwise!

kirstyb said...

loving the neon

Vix said...

I do love neon and that lace top is just festival fabulous! '80s peplums with their rugby player shoulders are hideous but get your hands on a 1970s version in lurex and you may see the light! Enjoy Blur! x