26 August 2012

Little Scribbler did not: buy new shoes, no she did not!

Yes she did. Yes, I did. 

Well, really, what did you expect? Old habits die hard. Plus, picture the scenario: It's an otherwise uneventful weekday evening. I'm doing a bit of blog reading, a bit of casual online browsing, not looking for anything in particular. I decided to look at the Topshop shoe sale cause, by mid-late August, there sometimes are some great sale bargains to be found on t'interwebs as prices have been slashed to the max and retailers consolidate stock back at their warehouses cause they don't want it cluttering the shops anymore. (True insider fact - it's always worth checking back on the sale bit of websites very late into or at the end of sale time cause a lot of places do clear the shops and flog it online). I was casually browsing through, dismissing all the crap sandals that were still overpriced and, regardless of price, ugly, when I stumbled upon shoe gold.

Topshop first had these in, in peach months ago. I eyed them longingly for some time, concluding loosely that I couldn't drop £58 on a pair of shoes I didn't really need and might not get much wear out of. Even if they were oh so relevant and covered in beaded, sequined and jewelled 3d flowers. Sensible girl Llara. When I did go back looking for them again, they'd sold out. Then they brought them out in pale yellow. On account of lack of funds and being sensible again I didn't buy them. However. When I looked this time they only had my size. And they were down to £25. Fate like that doesn't strike often and it would have been out and out rude to ignore it. So I didn't and the shoes were duly snapped up!

Look how pretty they are! And, a fash bonus, the stiletto and metal toe cap trend does not seem to be dying. That said, they do reek of summer! Still, they'll only serve to add a dose of sunshine to autumn and winter. Yup, in these babies, there'll be no S.A.D for me.

Swoon! Anyone else had any end of sales luck?


Kitty said...

Always nice to get a bargain isn't it, are you the stereotypical Scottish tightwad?? Just kidding, lovely pics.xx.

Pink Haired Princess said...

Ha, how cute are they? I've never noticed them before (how they got by me, I have no idea!)


Love, love them, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
I love all your shoes, and skirts, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
What are we to do???

Frocktasia said...

Steel toe cap stiletto, genius!