17 February 2011

Wedge you looking at?

I think I've discovered the World's Comfiest Boots*! Actually ridiculously comfy. I'd NEVER been a wedge girl. That is to say I've always liked them on other people and admired them on shop shelves but just never thought they were for me - I always thought they looked weird on my feet. However, having dipped my toe with my awesome leopard wedges (if anything was gonna reel me in, it was gonna be leopard print, wasn't it?!) I decided wedges weren't my enemy after all and the amazingly soft vibrant purple suede and £25 sale price tag on these Schuh beauties won me over.

They're pair # 52 in my shoe wearing challenge and, on account of their amazing wearability, I'm totally getting my money's worth out of them. The only things I can't do in them are swim and drive. Pretty good, huh? I could be Ziggy Stardust! Mind you, I'd wager that he'd have swum in wedges. But that's rock 'n' roll for you.

Look! The soles are starting to get all scuffy and manky already because I've worn them so much. Sadly (for you) there are none left online right now BUT there's a chance they will be back (insider tip!) in the next week or two. And they come in black too, if you're feeling boring a little less adventurous on the colour front.

I've mainly chosen to wear them with pretty casual stuff on account of their roaring fabulousness, hence the Uniqlo t-shirt dress (speaking of which, why can't I get nice basic t dresses in Uniqlo anymore? This bugs me. Their t-shirt dresses were one of my favourite things about them. Now they have the odd good thing and a load of crap.) and leggings and Primark cardi.

*The boots were put through a series of rigorous tests to gain this stature, including being worn on a sizable walk from the train station to my home in the drizzle, a full day's work on my feet and finally, and perhaps most conclusively, on a drunken run for the bus. They passed all tests with flying colours. I looked like Carrie Bradshaw minus the horse face, plus a few lbs stone, running for that bus.


♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

go Zigs ha ha!

These are fab shoes, bargain huh. I am crap in any shoe with height :(

Joanne xx

Vintage Vixen said...

You mean I've missed those beauties? I'm gutted! Black would pale into insignificance now I've fallen for those purple beasts. xxx
PS Yes! Crocuses and snowdrops and a wee peek at a bluebell today. Not long till Spring now!

Missy Vintage said...

Fabulous colour. You ran in them?? woah, round of applause and a glass of wine to you!! Impressed. Very. x

Misfits Vintage said...

I NEED THEM!!! Please send me one pair in each of the following: forest green, turquoise, cranberry pink, ruby red, canary yellow, sky blue and electric purple - and I will live in them forever!

You look gorgeous and thanks for the link back to the leopard Halloween day - I want to work with you guys!!!

Sarah xxx

Alex said...

They are gorgeous! I'd grab myself a pair but they're v. similar to my grey River Island wedges and I'm not meant to be spending on shoes anyway. Grrrr. Wish I was rich.

Helga! said...

Honey,I love them!! Soooo cute,and cuddly looking,like Grover! I'd love them in every colour,they're just what I need for winter!

Please may I? said...

Fabulous boots! The colour is stunning.

X x

dinoprincesschar said...

i love the bright colour of these!! :)

heartshapedbruise. said...

Wow wow wow - these are amazing!

I am a total failure as a girl when it comes to heels (flats ALL the way as far as I'm concerned - purely for health & safety reasons!) but I find that I can just about manage with wedges..

Congratulations on making everyone extremely jealous :)


Llara said...

Missy Vintage - I ran. And, believe me, I'd already rewarded myself with plenty wine prior to the run...