4 February 2011

New shoes!

It's official people: I have a new favourite shoe. Well, I don't have it yet but, come mid February it's SO happening. Let me explain. 

I work with shoes (no, I don't get free shoes and yes that is the question I'm asked most often about my job). And, on the system at work, a wee while back, I clocked this little number. "Cute enough", I thought. The quilting effect is sweet, they have a platform and there's something interesting going on between the heel and waist and something's DEFINITELY happening up back. However, I didn't give them much more thought and carried on window shopping working

However, this week saw our bi-annual staff range preview and that's when I first laid eyes on the shoes, the Irregular Choice 'Sweety Bird Back Flower', in real life.The things is, for me, less isn't always more. Whether it's "should I wear another ring?", "should I wear florals, polka dots and leopard print at the same time?" or "should I leave some Haagen Dazs for another day?", some times too much just isn't enough. Which is why, when I clocked the full glory and eye popping colour and pattern of the back flower, which juxtaposes beautifully with the otherwise fairly plain styling, my heart was WON. I can't WAIT for it to be mine!

 ps - if you're so inclined, my insider info is telling you the black version arrived in the building this morning and will be on site, probably early in the week! Eek! 90 quid. Get saving.


dinoprincesschar said...

i'm not sure about them tbh, i'd rather have the green scotty dogs! ooh i do have a discount code to use for schuh in the next couple of wks tho - arg!!

Jessycalouise said...

They are so pretty :)

Alex said...

Hmmm, bit too much going on at the back for my personal taste. The glimpses of the other ones in the photo look intriguing though...

Vintage Vixen said...

That back flower is so pretty but I'm sure you could knock that up for yourself and do a bit of cutomising.
I'm definately with you on the more is more. I think Coco Chanel once said to look in the mirror before you leave the house and remove one accessory. I do the opposite and add something else. Minimalism is soooo dull. xxx

Misfits Vintage said...


I love them and agree with Vix on both counts - a) you could prob knock up something similar yourself for a few bucks and b) more is more!

Sarah xxx
Sharing the shoe love, sister.

Helga! said...

Bugger being subtle!!
Those shoes are AMAZING and you MUST have them!!!!

danniekate said...

my sister loves irregular choice! we bought her the tape measure heels for her 18th :) xx

sacramento said...

I have seen your comment in Vicky´s blog, and came to say hello.
I love irregular Choice so much. They are fabulous.