14 February 2011


Like the Grammys, and the Baftas. Together. Graftas, geddit? Good Lord sometimes I shock myself with my sheer funny-ness. Anyway, start showering my inbox with a series of emails about people in posh frocks and whatnot and eventually you pique my interest. A few more and I start wanting to share. First, let me start by saying that I enjoyed the Bafta clothes best but that the Grammy outfits were more entertaining. You be the judge:


Jesica Alba in a simple but be-yoo-tee-full maxi dress. I LOVE this colour! Even I would look good in this dress.
Gemma Arterton also in a relatively simple dress but, BANG, that cobalt gets me every time. Plus she is HAWT! And I love a girl who ain't afraid of a bright slash of lippie.
My notes tell me this lovely lass is called Bonnie Wright. To me, she's Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter. And I happen to think that, if she ditched that ugly lumpen black bag this would be a rather smashing outfit.
Ruper Grint is on here because, according to a 'what celebrity do you look like' website, he's my face twin. FACT!
Gosh, Emma Watson is just beautiful. Plus the dress is pretty too. Looks like it was a good night for the Harry Potter kids.
Tracy Emin - it's the face that does it for me. Haha!

The Grammys

Back to my notes for this one - apparently this girl's called Juliane Hough. I'm not even going to pretend to know what, other than wearing a dress I quite like (but also think looks a bit sicked on), she does.
I told you the Grammys' fashion charm lay in its entertainment rather than style. What is this on Katy Perry? I sort of love it! I shall christen it the Mermangel.
Just when Nikki Minaj (does anyone else really want to call her Nicky Minge) thinks she's out Gaga-ed Gaga, Gaga rocks up inside an egg. Kudos on the leopardyness my friend.

Yes really...apparently she's in there.


Alex said...

Most of the Grammy pics I've seen are quite awful displays of bad taste. Funny though! I think the Hough girl has about the nicest thing on.

dinoprincesschar said...

jeez. i love the top dress, that blue is lovely.
i hve neevr watched any of these awards things, but looks like crazy fashion is the way forward?!

Pearl Westwood said...

Tracey Emin I just adore, she always looks like she is about to punch someone!!

Maddalena said...

beautiful :D

donna said...

hey just catching up on your blog!
Juliane hough is not only derek hough (cheryls buck) sister, but is dating ryan seacrest, which is weird cos i presumed he was gay! what do you know?

loving your work llara!