1 February 2011

Godzilla? King Kong?

Forgive me for being SO not down with comic book cartoon-y stuff and the subsequent films that arise from said stuff. However, Mr Scribbler described this as either my King Kong or Godzilla outfit (I can't remember which) on account of the Japanese sun type shoes:

shoes: Schuh
and the NYC necklace:

I'm thinking King Kong maybe - I have visions of the giant ape hanging off the Statue of Liberty. Actually, when I clocked my thighs in these jeans I thought of King Kong! Oh the curse of the pear shape. I can rest happy-ish knowing that pears are amongst the healthiest of the shapes with our fat being stored around our arses and thighs and away from our hearts. Yay for pears! However, healthy shape or no healthy shape, I can glean no comfort in light of those saddle bags. Dobbin's sacks, along with the New-ish year can only mean one thing. Yes ladies, it's time to get in shape. Don't I look impressed at the thought?

My 'plan' if you can call it that, is to genuinely to make the effort to eat more healthily and to do more exercise. Eating more healthily will include:

Making the effort to get as close to my 5 a day as possible.
Cutting down sugary snacks and sweets
Not mindlessly eating in the evening
Watching and cutting down on portion sizes.
Not eating shitloads of dinner in the evening if I get in late.

NO diet. NO. Why? Because they work for a while then I get fed up and pile the weight back on.This is about re-training my brain to think differently.

And, as for the exercise, I'm aiming for at least 3 zumba classes a week plus a session or two of swimming. I'm signing up for a sponsored 51 mile cycle ride in September too so, as the weather improves, I'll be hopping on my bike too!

Anyone got any tips for success?

ps - the shoes are shoes #48 from Schuh!


Penny Dreadful said...

Those shoes are Awesome with a capital A. Love them. I don't agree with diets either, I try to stick to the 5 a day rule and try to limit junk food to weekends only (doesn't always work but I try!). Diets are way too restrictive to be part of a normal lifestyle.

Alex said...

Oh I love those shoes, and the necklace.

Diets can work (I'm living proof!) but only if they're done sensibly and then they're basically just healthy eating and exercising regimes, so don't need to be called diets! Your plans sound grand to me.

dinoprincesschar said...

i have been making an effort to watch what i eat / how much, as in the past i know that having no time has meant i eat something junky on the way to whatever i am dong next or i don't eat at all, not great for the metabolism!
but i don't think that i've really managed to lose any weight so far this yr, despite gymming and wii fitting, and running more often :S bad times - that said, it may not help that i haven't actually weighed myself at all either before or since starting S:

Helga! said...

Yeeeees,rewiring the brain!! That's what I'm working on-eating slower/smaller portions and using plain popcorn with curry powder for a snack.And cycling as mucg=h as possible.Don't see any results yet,but I feel generally so much better!

Misfits Vintage said...

Just LOVE those shoes! Sarah xxx

Vintage Vixen said...

Those shoes are so crazy and fabulous. Your bod looks great anyway but any exercise is brilliant. I love how it makes us feel really confident and ready to conquer the world. xxx

Abbie said...

I'm doing the exact same thing at the moment, dieting never works for me as it all creeps back on again soon after I get fed up of dieting... but the portion-size controlling and doing a bit more exercise seems to paying off as I've lost 3/4 of a stone since New Year :)