23 February 2011

Socks 'n Sandals

Once the sole preserve of German tourists (excuse the racial stereotyping. If it helps I can crack a joke about my fair nation's obesity problems, drug epidemic or chronic teen pregnancy rate), socks and sandals are a surprise fashion winner. It's a look I've been embracing for a while (socks = being able to wear peep toes etc in winter. For me, that extends my shoe wardrobe and, therefore, is a bit of a no brainer...) but in a relatively subtle fashion - think nude, black and white socks. However, inspired by the Man Repeller (if you haven't read her blog you should - it makes me wee myself a bit), I decided it was time to ramp up the sock action and get ridiculous. Here's how:

Take one pair of socks, preferrably with a silly pattern:

Socks: Dorothy Perkins
And wear with a cute pair of would-be summer shoes. Hmm. That's actually kind of it...

Shoes: Topshop
Shoes: Topshop, Socks: Dorothy Perkins
And strut! I'm definitely going to be cracking out the more interesting socks in future - as if I'd miss the chance to add yet more pattern into my look. I'm also definitely going to be writing more fashion guides. With pearls and gems like this it's sure to take off.

I love these shoes but if you read my recent post featuring the gold ones, you might know they have a crack in the sole. Here it is:

I'm just crossing my toes that they don't snap while I'm wearing them! Can you cross your toes?


Vintage Coconut said...

Cute socks! =)
Those shoes are great too.

Vintage Vixen said...

What a great combination, so pretty and sweet.
Much better than a pair of beige socks and Jesus sandals, which I associate more with trainspotters and geography teachers. All the Germans I ever meet travelling put most of us to shame! xxx

Alex said...

I can't quite like the socks and sandals combo, sorry! Plus people would think I was a mental if I tried it because I only ever wear odd socks and odd socks plus sandals would just look too weird.

Misfits Vintage said...

I love your combo and you can totally rock it. Please give us a full length shot to see the whole look?

Sarah xxx

Llara said...

Sarah, I did have a full length photo but it was so godawful that I deleted it! I wore them with wide leg indigo jeans though and a navy and white breton stripe top. I'll be honest, it wasn't that co-ordinated but I was loving it nontheless!

Alex - fair play. I recall, many years ago, Jordan wearing sandals with one sock. It was NOT a good look...

dinoprincesschar said...

i don't own any socks so can't really try this look :(
but i like the way the colours in the socks match your shoe colour! :)

Andreea said...

I love wearing socks with sandals! Great socks!

♥ Kisses ♥


FoofandFaff said...

Haha my mum hates this look, I try to wear it in the summer to annoy her hehe! Loving those socks :)

Pearl Westwood said...

I always were socks with sandals, infact any type of shoes!! I wonder if you tried pouring some glue down the crack it would hold?