23 January 2013

Sometimes I can't believe this is my job.

A lot of the time, my job is based at a desk. But sometimes, I get set loose and go out to some, frankly, really ace stuff. Last week, I found myself at a photo shoot down in London. I'm sure, for folk who are at shoots all the time, they become really mundane. But, when you're only at them a few times a year and the purpose of your time there is to immerse yourself and get a bit of a plan about what you can do to support the resultant campaign and to get some ace snaps for social media to give a behind the scenes sneak preview, man are they a great way to spend a day!

Here are some fun out-takes...
Building the set
My colleague chilling under the set
Hiding under a set piece
Being attacked by a set piece!
Models being beautified. As if they need it!
Model blending in with the floor instructions.
I don't know about you, but I always insist on my pedicurist following me about for toenail polish emergencies.
Make-up, make-up and more make-up. And more make-up. So had to resist have a good poke about!
More accessories. Studded collars go girlie...
When at a shoe based shoot, one simple NEEDS shoes.
 And so to the downtime dress up fun...

I need a pair of these.
My colleagues love them too.
So many accessories, so little time!


Frocktasia said...

Looks like a lot of fun but I bet it's really hard work too.
I know that my little home based "photo shoots" take a lot of organizing, so I can imagine what a real one would be like.
I don't think I could have resisted getting in about all that make-up...x

Sacramento Amate said...

Do you work for a magazine, Llara?
It all looks so much fun.

Vix said...

Giz a job! That looks like an absolutely brilliant way to earn a living. xxx

Pink Haired Princess said...

Just found your new blog, wondered where you'd disappeared to ; ) I NEED those leopard print sunglasses and the flowery white wedges look awesome too!

Halima - Fashionicide said...

Looks like hard work, but worth it!

You seem like such a fun loving girl withouth sounding cliche, haha.

I think me and you would get on so well if we ever met also without sounding like an absolute freak!...

Okay, you think I'm weird ;) Haha x