1 January 2013


Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a good one. I'm currently ploughing my way through yet more Christmas cake and wondering if it's acceptable to ease gently into real life eating again through the end of this week and to gradually lessen the amount of crap/alcohol I ingest and really get fresh from Monday the 7th. I fear if I cut the crap out dead, I'll go into a weird sugar crash coma. It'd probably be no bad thing - I think my body needs a shock. To be honest, I really just want to be able to finish the Christmas cake and I can't do that in the rest of today.

So, with it being New Year and whatnot, I figured it seemed a good time to consider resolution type stuff. And, to keep it nice for you and to thank you for reading my ramblings, I'll intersperse the chat with some pictures of my in neon stuff and spiky stuff. Fair deal?

Jumper: Primark (I'm away off to cut the tag out right now - didn't realise it looked so obvious and white until now), Skirt: H&M, boots: Jeffrey Campbell at Solestruck. I think I had a giant chin spot this day  - hence coy over shoulder chin-hiding pose.
Normally I don't bother too much with resolutions. I've lost count of the number of times I (or others) resolve to lose weight, see more of folk, drink less, join gyms etc, only to see it all go tits up by February. Oddly though, without any real resolution, I probably go to the gym more now than I ever have and I actually like it too. And, as a result, I'm probably the fittest I've been since my teens. I also lost a bit of weight last year too (only a wee bit, mind), without any goal or anything, so that was nice too. 

So, with health and fitness (my past resolution topics) in hand, this year I feel a bit freer to crack on with some other resolution type stuff. More for fun and enrichment or something. This is as deep as it gets people, fear not! Here's a close up of the shoes though, just in case...

So here's what I plan to do this year:

Read more. Books. I get through my magazines but, even then, I'm still on maybe November's Elle - at the rate I'm going, I'll be scowling over how last season everything in there is and at the fact that I've missed the TV shows, events etc that they're talking about. "But", I hear you ask, "how will you find time to read books when you're behind on your magazines, struggle to blog regularly and generally seem to be a pretty busy bee a lot of the time?". Good question, dear reader, I'm glad you asked! I realised this week that I spend too much time fannying about with my phone and scrolling through totally inane chatter on Twitter etc, when I could be doing much more fulfilling/rewarding things with my time. So I shall cut back on that for a start (not on words with friends though - that strengthens the mind for sure! LlaraG if you're looking for a new opponent). I also really need to reconsider the amount of crap telly I watch too. So, with cuts in both those areas, I feel sure I can get stuck into some literary fodder. On this, does anyone have a kindle and have any feelings to share on said device?

Get back into music in a bigger way. I used to be forever listening to music. I listen to 6 music all day at work and love it. I just plan to make more effort to seek out bands I enjoy and to get back into listening to more music at home. Which I can do as I'm reading! Yay!

Seizing days. I was at home the other night doing piss all and watching old friends re-runs. Then I discovered that it was the pre-Hogmanay torchlight procession in Edinburgh. I felt kind of sad that I was doing bog all when something so cool was going on. Plus, I have an epic new hip flask (yellow neon leopard print) that I could have had with me and everything. So, sometimes, I need to sit on my arse less and go out and do more stuff. Especially given that I live somewhere as awesome and beautiful as Edinburgh. That said, sometimes one does need a down day.

And my last one is private so I'm not telling you it!

Necklace: H&M
PS - totes planning to get in banging shape for Ibiza this summer too ;-)

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Marla Robinson said...

You spiked shoes are unbelievably cool.