30 December 2012

Kicking off ma boots. And a new jewellery find.

Meet Bob: my Chloe-tastic boots from schuh. They're sold out now but you can get dead similar ones in the sale here. I got them earlier this year and, how they haven't made the blog I've no idea as I wear them ALL the time! They've been all over this year - to Bestival, to see Blur, to work many times, up and down from London and, er, Colchester. Next year they can look forward to getting out and about all over again.

Here's me looking awfully prim by my standards:

Boots: schuh, Dress: Primark, Jumper: ASOS, Necklace: Suzywan Deluxe
One reason I love the boots so much is that, although they're a designer rip off (Chloe's Susanna), they don't feel dead flash in the pan. Chloe have had the boots out for ages and just keep re-releasing them. They're still £850 on Net-a-Porter! So I reckon I'll be wearing these guys for a loooong time! Another reason is that they are SO comfy. As you may know, I have a penchant for, er, interesting shoes that aren't always the most comfy so it's nice to love a pair that are!

This particular day, I decided to go a wee bit prim and buttoned up. Well, it's nice to be smartish sometimes, innit?

To keep the primness 'me' I added this necklace that I got from Suzywan Deluxe, - a French/Swedish label. I'd got a 20% discount from Effet Noemie and UK delivery was free, which is awesome given that they're in France. Being the crapass that I am, the picture hasn't quite caught the necklace right but it's a cosmic style backing with glitter and mirror perspex triangles attached. Being a lover of a bit of fancy perspex, this is right up my street! The shop is closed just now but I'll be checking it out again when it's back up!

I hope you all have super exciting New Year plans (apart from Vix who's had New Year already). We're having a house party (so the poor Christmas tree is down already in preparation) and I cannae wait. Once you've got past the bit where you do nothing but answer the buzzer and get first drinks for folk, it's great crack! Have a great one, whatever you're up to!

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Marla Robinson said...

Those boots are really cool. I love all those buckles and those little raised studs all over the boots. Very neat.