26 December 2012

It's Christmas!

I can never decide if posts with Christmas (or Birthday) presents in them are crude but, in the absence of strong feeling either way, I decided to share some of mine. As well as my Christmas day outfit. My ideal Christmas Day would be spent in pyjamas. When I was a kid, I was never fussed for getting dressed at Christmas and did so begrudgingly. Now that I am old and spend Christmas visiting family and whatnot, pyjamas won't cut it. Yup, I am firmly in the 'pyjamas should only be worn in the house' camp. The only excusable exception to this are:
  • Nipping to the corner shop for milk (etc) and, even then you should add trainers and a sufficiently outdoor appropriate hoodie or similar.
  • Unexpectedly having to pick someone up from somewhere in the car - see rule above for making said pyjama wearing acceptable.
  • Emergency shit like fire alarms or ambulance travel.
  • Being aged 5 or under - embrace it small ones!
Now, my Christmas day wear needs to be:
  • Comfortable with plenty room for a food baby.
  • Still look 'me'
  • Have some sparkle. Well, it is Christmas after all.
Here's what I went with:

Dress: vintage from Godiva in Edinburgh, Cardi: Primark, Belt: Accessorize, Glitter ankle boots: schuh, necklace: Plastique.
How weird does my nose look? It looks like I've had an odd extension to it. I haven't. 

This outfit basically ticks all the Christmas boxes for me: the dress is pretty but also comfy (elasticated waist) and demure enough for a day with in-laws and the belt's a bit loose so plenty room for Chrimbo munching. Those and the cardi are lurex threaded so there's your sparkle. And, there's extra sparkle in the glittery boots. Which also have a heel that's low enough for any Christmas Day walks that get chucked in. My gorgeous mirrored Plastique necklace adds a final statement. What did you wear? If you say pyjamas, I'll be sick with jealousy!

And so to the potentially tasteless gift flashing. I got some lovely gift from some awesome people, including gift cards (NEVER impersonal  - don't believe anyone who says otherwise!), rum, Grasmere gingerbread, nice smellies, useful notecards and note books and, (casual as you like), a pair of Charlotte Olympia Priscilla in glitter. Oh my days. I can't WAIT to wear them. Mind you, I did wear them about the house while I tidied up Christmas stuff last night...

I hope you all had an ace Christmas! Here's to a happy New Year next...


Marla Robinson said...

You look lovely. I love your necklace.

Pink Haired Princess said...

Holy F***, can't believe you got the glitter babies, AMAZING! I was eyeing lots of CO in the sale...sadly can't afford a pair of Primark shoes right now never mind designer : (

Gem said...

LOVE THOSE SHOES! glitter and shoes are the perfect combination x

Vix said...

Rum and Grasmere gingerbread? Only two of my favourite things! Love that dress! x