11 December 2012

Yes, I AM wearing my Camilla Skovgaard shoes

But, dear lordy, are they a bugger to walk in?! Yes, they are. The slim heel just does a weird catchy thing on the ground with every step I take so they make a strange noise and I have to really concentrate when I walk. Which, given that I'm a bit clumsy anyway and prone to the odd fall, is probably no bad thing.

Shoes: Camilla Skovgaard @ the Outnet, dress: H&M, Jumper: Primark, Necklace: Wolf and Moon.
The good thing about the shoes - nay, the great thing - is that they look epic. Look at that fearsome jagged sole! I'm probably doing an amazing ass workout every time I get up as I clench in my attempts not to fall too so there's an added bonus. And, as above, I can totally stand on one leg in them. Like a master. Look at me - just hanging out, chilling on one leg. Casual.

Please, be kind and ignore the slight Nora Batty-ness starting to creep in at the toe. Though show me a woman who doesn't spend half the day hiking her tights back up to where they belong and I'll...well, I'll shake her hand and demand to know where her gravity defying tights are from. Or if she's just got pants on over them like many of my pals do. I'm just a tights howker. You?


Marla said...

Oh my, I wish my feet and back could tolerate that heel. I love high heels but my body doesn't. Love those shoes.

Missy Vintage said...

They do look great, I love the colour but they are so high, the heel so thin! I'd be like bambi!

Sacramento Amate said...

Here I am drooling all over your shoes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh