13 December 2012

Night at the Museum

Actually it was a day but it was dark when we left so it looked like night. Mr Scribbler and I have been meaning to go visit the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh since it re-opened (it was closed for a couple of years to be totally gutted out inside and re-opened earlier this year or possibly even last year!) ages ago. We had a day off last week (well, I had the full week off cause it was my birfday - and it was last week when I started this post but it's now about a month ago. For shame!) and decided to finally get round to it! To give you an idea of the size of the place, we spent 3 1/2-4hrs there and didn't even get all the way round the ground floor. It's jam packed and huge. Here are some of my highlights...

Alpha bot finds letters on randomly placed blocks and spells your name. It's like a miracle occurring before your very eyes. Or, y'know, computer programming. Either way, it's hard to find stuff that has 'Llara' on it so I was most happy.
Here's me having an audience with Buddha. One of the cool things about the museum is that, when you're in the main atrium, they have lots of different displays on the walls so you get a wee taster before delving in. Plus it looks good too! Boots: schuh, Bag: Cambridge Satchel.
Grr! Daddy, daddy, can I have a pet leopard? I'll look after it.Oh, PLEASE!
The place is epicly beautiful. Look at all the light!
Look - you can weigh yourself and see what you weigh the same as, animal kingdom wise! Mr S is the same as something porpoisey. And there's me, Llara, with my name-sake the Llama. We nipped out for a late Pizza Express lunch cause they sent me an "it's your birthday - come see us for some free booze" and they SUCKED me in with it.
The rocks, the rocks! I bloody love the rocks. They're so pretty and so interesting. A bit like me! Or a DNA helix. Mr S was impressed by Jackie Stewart's car - I just wanted my picture taken inside a space suit. Well, I am the younger of us...


Marla said...

Very cool, looks like a great museum.
Love the Buddha.

Sacramento Amate said...

Brilliant, thank you for sharin, dear Llara.