28 December 2012

I'm such a dude in my Nike Air Max

How's your "festive period" going? I hope those of you who are working are having nice work days. To those on hols - yay! I hope you're having fun! My main plans are to get to the gym a bit to combat festive munching and to just chill out before 2013 kicks in, in earnest.

Today I share with you: trainers. Non gym trainers. Cause you don't wanna see my manky gym kicks. Actually, my gym trainers are rather nice too but, still, no-one needs to see them. Yup, I know I hit you up with some Nike I'd got at work a wee while back. Since then, I have acquired some more. These I got for my birthday from Mr Scribbler.

Look, they have leopard print on them! If a girl's gonna embrace a trainer, then one with leopard print is definitely the way to go. And look at the super bright neon red lining! Plus, let'sw be honest, Nike Air Max are just cool, alright?

I wore  them to work a few weeks ago on 6 music's 'Wear Your Old Band T-shirt to Work' day. I think I was rocking a flithy cold that day too though, if I remember rightly, hence the jumper over face look:

An improvement, some might say. Truthfully, this isn't an 'old' band t-shirt - I got it when I saw Blur earlier this year. All my old band t-shirts either got worn out or I moved on from them. There's virtually no chance these days that you'd see me in a Symposium, Travis, Ash or Ocean Colour Scene tee. And I'm a hater when it comes to the fake metal t-shirts you get in Topshop and whatnot. One of my good buddies used to wear a low cut Guns 'n' Roses t-shirt but couldn't name a single one of their songs (love you Ian!). Each to their own, but it's not for me. So I wore my new-ish Blur t-shirt for the day. Travelling from Edinburgh to Wolves, To Plymouth, back to Edinburgh then down and back from London a few days later tells you I'm a real fan. Or, some might say, mad. I'm off to see them in Barcelona next year. Woohoo!

For popping up town later that day, I added my new headphones that the 3 mobile phone folk sent me (thank you!) to use with my iPhone. They doubled up nicely as ear warmers too, which was acers cause it was bloody freezing back then! And they kept the sound in way better than the in ear jobbies I usually use. Nothing for it now but to have a wee dance!

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Marla Robinson said...

Those shoes are great! I love them.