9 January 2013

Nasty Gal heel-less wedges. In yo' face!

I read a blog post a few days ago by someone who was turning 27 and getting married soon and pondering maturity and age and all that goes with it. It was great to read all the different comments and differing perceptions of what we think we 'should' achieve or do and by when. There were plenty "I'm 28 and now can't see myself managing to have got married/bought a house/had a kid/reached the pinnacle of my career by the time I'm 30, as I thought I would" type comments, as well as a good few "You're really not that old at all" responses. If you'd asked me in my early or mid twenties where I'd be by the time I was 30, I sure as hell couldn't have told you. I think I'm one of life's aimless drifty people. One thing that made me chortle while reading though, was the author's assertion that, on turning 27, she felt that she'd rather be wearing Hobbs than Nasty Gal. I'm a pretty each-to-their-own kinda gal but, at 31, I've never yet set foot in a Hobbs (well, I think I did once, but I was drunk and with a friend and her friend who wanted to go in) and just find it all a bit staid. And, what's more, I very recently acquired my first pair of Nasty Gal shoes! These bad boys:

Dress: River Island, Necklace: Plastique, Shoes: Nasty Gal

Their lurid colour reminds me of a poisonous rain forest frog. Which is great because I love to look at those cute little guys - they're so pretty! Beyond that, truth be told, Nasty Gal clothes aren't really 'me'. In the main, they're just a wee bit too short and too tight. And you know I don't shy away from a bit of short and tight! It was more the idea that, on reaching a certain age, one should dress a certain way. I live in fear of the day that I suddenly start thinking I should be dressing 'sensibly'. Or that any of my favourite bloggers suddenly start feeling that way. I'd sure as heck be losing some of the most amazing ladies from my reading list and that would be the saddest thing. So here's to wearing lurid frog boots, coloured sunset dresses, plenty of leopard print and ignoring conventions of age. Woop!

Jumper: Primark. I have NO idea what happened to this photo. Let's assume that the frogs are releasing poison.


Sacramento Amate said...

Your blog doesn´t update in my blogroll, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Marla Robinson said...

Wow, I could never walk in those shoes but they are AMAZING!

Alex said...

Ha! I adore that last photo. If only my shoes were so magical.

As I'm rapidly approaching 30 I've been pondering clothing appropriateness but have come to the conclusion that the only reason to not wear things is if they don't suit me, rather than cos someone has set an arbitrary "can't wear that style/length over a certain age" limit. My mum (who has much better legs than I do) was looking all 60s and kickass in a Topshop tunic at the weekend.

Pink Haired Princess said...

Firstly LOVE those shoes, so awesome! Secondly, when it comes to dressing age appropriately, I certainly don't think I do, but am completely ok with that. I think I'm still managing to get away with it, so don't see any point changing. I'll be 33 this year and am still happy in my teddy print shoes or those with dollies on them or Barbie t-shirts and leggings! I have a 'grown-up' side to me too, so I guess I'm age appropriate depending on the day! I can see myself as one of those old ladies in a fur leopard print coat, bright lipstick and big dangly earrings...it's the in-between stage I'm not so sure of what to wear!

As far as where I thought I'd be at this point in my life, I'm waaaay off that! I had plans! I expected to be married and pregnant in my 20's and to be honest to have had all my children by the time I'm 30. Seeing as someone rather unkindly pressed the pause button on my life at 22, I'm not even sure I'll have any of things by the time I'm 40 or even at all. But I still have my Barbie clothes and teddy shoes to keep me company and keep everyone amused at an 'old lady' with blue hair wearing all that stuff!