6 January 2013

Sales and a re-brand!

OMG - Little Scribbler has gone!

I picked the name fairly arbitrarily when I started blogging and, to be honest, haven't really liked it for a long time. To start with, there's nothing little about me (maybe my bank balance right now). And "Scribbler" inaccurately gave the impression of drawing which I 100% do not do well! So welcome to "champagne shoes, lemonade budget". I wondered whether it was twee, then thought, 'fuck it' - I'm a human who loves the shoes but who doesn't have endless budgets. I prattle about fancy designer shoes I'd like and occasionally find the means to procure a pair. And, beyond that, I often bag shoes that LOOK awesome but are actually quite bargainous. And so CSLB is born. Plus, it runs beyond shoes too, doesn't it? There's no denying I'm a bit of an over-shopper. A greedy, modern, consumer. I console myself that it means I'm totally contributing to the economy and helping the world turn. That said, I am a stereotypical stingy Scot and am always on the lookout for a bargain. So, fear not Scribbler fans (I'm sure there's at least one out there), the content of the blog isn't going to change as such but maybe I'll get more regular and be more focussed. Woop.

And, so to the sale shopping...I've read a lot of blogs this season where folk haven't had much luck with the sales. I've been the reverse - I got some pretty decent stuff! Here it is:

Awesome Chloe-esque boots from Office. I blogged my black ones from schuh a couple of posts back. But they didn't get them in red and sometimes needs must. So, when I swung by Office and they had them at £40, down from £85, I had to do it! If I wear them even half as much as the black, they'll have been well worth it. Plus, the Chloe version are still £850 on Net-a-Porter. Jebus!

These shoes from Topshop are a funny one. I saw them online and didn't think much of them. Then I saw them in a magazine and they looked AMAZING on! The toe shape is perfect, I love a chunky heel and the dusky pink suede is such a flattering colour. And the heel is like a disco ball! Best bit - they were down from £58 to £30 in the sale and I had a Topshop gift card. 

These dresses were £12 and £15 in the River Island sale. They did a galactic version of the rose one which I loved but which made my arse look like a giant squishy bruise. Now, I'm happy to break a fashion rule but that's a step too far. In the rose one, it looks looks like a big soft floral cushion instead. Much better. The other dress is so sunsetty that I could not resist it! I LOVE sunsets. I think it will serve me well in the clubs of Ibiza this June...

Zara shoes (as worn in my last post). I'm gonn' be a cowgirl! Isabel Marant style! I nearly bought these shoes about 7 times but always walked away/closed the webpage. However, when I went in to the shop last week and they were down from £60 to £30, I was sold! I'm off for a hoe-down.


Sharon said...

i loveee glitter!!

Sacramento Amate said...

Love, love, love

Pink Haired Princess said...

I've completely avoided the sales after overspending pre-Christmas. I had those Topshop shoes in my basket so many times during the sale and remained firm and never bought them. They look absolutely glorious here though and I love those dresses you got.