10 February 2013

On procuring holographic shoes and cartoon LOLs

Happy Sunday everyone. I had one of those nice Sundays where you have no real plans but, on account of being shattered, have decided you're going to let yourself sleep in until you wake (woken at 8 by Mr Llara's alarm - grr - but nodded back off and snoozed til 9.30ish, since you ask) and that you're not going to the gym. So I had a nice leisurely bowl of porridge and caught up with last night's Take Me Out (did anyone see the girl fall down the stairs!? I can't believe she wasn't damaged!) this morning, did some tidying up and decided to take a walk up town. In trainers, obvs, since I'm a sneaker freak now...

Leopard print, of course.
I don't know why my stance suggests I've pissed myself. I hadn't. I went for shopping appropriate attire - layers for going from cold outside to warm shops, and clothes and shoes that are easy to take off for trying stuff on. The lipstick, I tried on at MAC on the way home. On account of the fact that the service is so poor, I make a point of never actually buying anything from Edinburgh MAC and, now I see the picture, I'm glad I didn't get this lippie cause I don't really like it on me!
Jumper: vintage sale, Skirt: Primark, Trainers: present, Necklace: Asda!
I love this necklace, but haven't worn it in aaaaaaages! Look: so colourful!

I'd gone to town looking for a comic book printed Topshop dress. I found it. It has "POW"s and "BOOM"s etc on it, in a comic book style. However, Toppers ill-advisedly added "LOL" to it. Since when did punching one's nemesis illicit a LOL? Somewhat amusingly, one of said "LOL"s appeared right across my arse. LOL.

I've still ordered it from t'interwebs in the right size. Laugh at my butt if you dare! While I was out, I grabbed a cheeky leopard print dress and jewelled shoulder jumper in Primark. I haven't been in there for ages and could resist this pair.

I have the dress in black and it's a winner. It only made sense to add some leopard print in there, what with it being my essential neutral!

Lastly, and perhaps most excitingly, I got some shoes. Well, it is me after all. And in true, Champagne Shoes, Lemonade Budget style, they were a total bargain! Let me tell you about it... I've been lusting (big time) after Stella McCartney's holographic pumps.
But, at £425, they're not exactly cheap. I'm also very concious of the fact that they could end up being a bit of a fashion purchase and that, in a year or so, I might still love them but I equally might have relegated them to the back of the shoe cupboard. And I have not the means to fling that much cash at a shoe I might not still be wearing in a year. BUT. I've been REALLY obsessed with them. Like, RILLY! So I decided to seek out a high street alternative. H&M had a pair (albeit with a not totally aesthetically pleasing platform) for £24.99 but NEVER had my size in. Cruel fate. Then, last week I found some online at Forever 21 for less than £20! I duly ordered them and promptly received an email to say they were out of stock. I felt as though I was being punished for some unknown fashion CRIME. But, fate and fashion karma clearly had plans in store for me. Look...

Airbhdsjfibsvedfvkj! Can you believe it!? I went into Office today and checked out the full price bit in the hope they'd have something. They didn't. I figured I may as well cheer myself up by eyeing sale bargains. And, lo, just as I was about to leave the store, they appeared! On the second bottom shelf. One single pair of SILVER HOLOGRAPHIC STILETTO PUMPS IN MY SIZE! Sweet fashion mother! And they were a TENNER! Or so I thought. Because, in an even sweeter twist, when I got to the till, they scanned at FIVE POUNDS. (I'm resorting to making the letters here bigger in an attempt to emphasise how great this is.) For totally current fashion GOLD. Or silver. Gah! That's £40 off their RRP. And £420 cheaper than the Stellas! It was a great day.

And, as a nice top off on the way home, I passed by this most excellent outdoor art exhibition. It's part of the science festival and is entitled "Patterns in Nature". Of course my beloved leopard was in there. Here are some highlights for you. Have a lovely next week!


beewaits said...

I love your style! I got my some holo pumps for £7 from New Look. May have to try them with polka dot socks! x

Halima - Fashionicide said...

I've wanted holo shoes for a while now but same situation as you, they never have it in my size!

Will have to pop down to Office or look online, hopefully they haven't sold out! I can see it going nicely with a little black dress, BOOM! xo

romi said...

I have a figure similar to yours and I would like to ask you what kind of underwear you wear with tight short skirts.I think I ve never made it to find the right ones. I can send you my email if you wish for a private answer.Thanks in advance.

Llara G said...

Nothing fancy Romi - no special sucky in stuff or anything. Just regular pants and, in this case leggings, but sometimes tights...

Bella Q said...

Those shoes were meant to be yours! What a great moment.