13 February 2013

Jumping on the pan-wagon

Yup, like most of Christendom, I had pancakes yesterday. I toss like a bad-ass. My skillz are second to none. Well, second to very few. Even with a pan with a shoogly handle, my pancakes flipped easily, soggy sides landing with a pleasing sizzle, revealing the golden speckled side that was already done. Now, because it's, like, totally important to the pancake making, here's what I wore...(I like my links as tenuous as possible. The flimsier the better. Like my pancake pans)
Dress and Necklace: Primark, Jumper: ASOS, Shoes: Office
Yay! It's the epic £5 silver holographic stilettos! I've worn them twice already: that's £2.50 a wear fash maths fans (and thickos. Cause, frankly, if you can't divide £5 in two, you best send yourself back to study)
The necklace was a bargainous £2 in the Primark sale. I do love me a statement necklace and couldn't resist the jewels on this chunky mama!
And so back to the pancakes. The recipe I use is from my faithful Be-Ro recipe book. I go half water, half milk: 

Whack it all in a bowl and blitz.
Add a nearly a ladle of mix to a frying pan - you choose the size. My shoogly handled wee egg poaching pan is my fave. Don't question my skillz though - I can toss big ones too.
For the first time ever this year, I had peanut butter on some of my pancakes. I am obsessed with peanut butter just now. I love it on anything - pancakes, corn cakes (way better than rice cakes!) and on apples. Oh, it's a tasty dream! Anyway, I peanut buttered some and good ol' fashioned lemon and sugared others.
Nothing left to do but munch them! Yum!
Now I'm kidding on that I'll give up stuff for Lent. We'll see...


Jessi said...

Yum pancakes! Im totally craving them now! And I still can't believe how cheap you got those shoes! Amazing.

Sacramento Amate said...

We did have pancakes too. My husband being English it was the done thing, lol
Love your shoes and gorgeous necklace, dear Llara.

Benlovesting said...

Lovely blog! x