10 October 2012

Tell me a-boot it...stud.

Ahahahahaha! That's me laughing at how funny I am. Cause I'm wearing studded boots in this post. Anyone for an ironic ass MEGALOL. When it comes to LOLZ, I only ever do them with lashings of smug and superior irony. It's the only way. Do you want me to stop chatting shite and show you the shoes? OK then.

Boots from schuh
They're probably one of the best boots ever. They're called Bob, they're from schuh, they're a belting ringer for the Chloe ones and pretty well everyone has a version of them this season. I couldn't give a crap about my mainstream-ness though because they look so good and they're so friggin' comfy. I've worn them an absolute crap tonne since I got them. And, they have taken a battering so far and haven't shed a single stud.

One day I wore them with this lot:

Dress: Primark | Jumper: H&M

Gawd, I am looking a bit pasty. Best starting upping the blusher - I'm not likely to pick up any flush of colour (unless you count a ruddy cheek) between now and June. And in keeping with the cold theme, I went for blue nails. I am not a nail art girl. I have neither the skill or patience. If I can get a colour on and not chip it, I'm happy.

Topshop nail polish.
And finally: can I remember where this necklace is from? Can I heck. I don't think it was high street but I truly can't remember. All I know is that I don't much fancy smelling of Paris. Whenever I've been, it's been something of a whiffy place. I imagine Paris scented perfume would be a bit of a pumps and flowers type mix. Maybe folk would go for it...

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Vix said...

The shoes and the necklace and the nails are all gorgeous but you lost me on the first paragraph. LOLZ? Is it my age? x