24 October 2012

F*&k me, I baked brownies!

Apologies if you're easily offended by 'language'. I'm afraid I enjoy a good swear, ladylike though it may not be. Not just for the sake of it, mind. It has to be for emphasis or out of genuine exclamation. And me baking, definitely warrants a swear. Just ask poor Mr Scribbler who really didn't bag himself the most domestic wife. And so: fuck me, I baked!

Not only did I bake but I baked what are probably the best tasting brownies I've ever had. Ah modesty...

The basic recipe came from this one on My Baking Addiction (has this chick baked every conceivable cake one could possibly hope for?). But, instead of doing the salty caramel filling (I actually did attempt a salty caramel brownie with my own recipe recently. It was pretty nice too), I filled it with curlywurlys and fresh raspberries. The curlies did sink to the bottom but it just gave a nice crispy caramel bottom. And the brownie did eventually need to be served in a bowl due to it's sheer gooiness. But lordy it tasted SO good!

First, melt the chocolate and butter until it's smooth then remove from the heat.
Allow to cool to room temperature then add SHITLOADS of egg, plus a little bit vanilla.
Fold in the flour gently (no beating or too much air gets in). I added some ginger and cinnamon into the flour, salt and cocoa powder (oh OK, I only had options in the cupboard so that's what went in, not cocoa) too, to add some spice.
Put a layer into a greased, lined pan. I probably need a square or rectangle baking tine but I only have a oval one. Ah well. THEN... 
It's curlywurly time!
On the layer of brownie mix, pile on the curlywurly and some fresh juicy rasps! Fruit = this shit is healthy*! Next, pile the rest of the brownie mix on top. Bake. For the time/temp fact, please do refer to the actual recipe. I deal in haphazard "ish"-es when it comes to baking times, temps and quantities and wouldn't want to foof up your confections.
When the brownie is done and cooled (in an ideal world. Being a baking pleb, I did this bit when it was fresh out the oven then had to fire the whole lot in the fridge.), melt some white chocolate...
...and drizzle it all over the top. Eat any excess chocolate with a spoon...and any edges that look they just want to fall off. Oh, for goodness sake, just friggin' dig in!
*On account of all the chocolate, sugar and butter, this is, in fact, NOT TRUE.


The Postcolonial Rabbit said...

This looks amazing. Btw, I bloody love your sweary writing. Faced with a sea of po-faced Delia-voiced "vintage tea-time" cookbooks, I would LOVE to read a cookbook written by you. It's just so refreshing, honest and funny!

Please may I? said...

looks scrummy hun.

x x