22 July 2012


No, not the 1980's classic starring Kim Cattrall, but me. As I, inadvertently, dressed from head to knee in H&M last week - the boots were an old sale bargain from Urban Outfitters. Normally, I don't do head to toe one shop because I have loads of random bits and bobs and because sometimes you see someone in a head-to-toe look from one place and it just looks lacking in imagination and a bit contrived. But it would appear that I was H&M-ed. I am an H&M mannequin:

Everything: H&M. You know that by now.
To be fair, it doesn't look shite and who in their right mind wouldn't wear a glitter jumper and bejewelled collar t-shirt at every available opportunity?

I figure H&M deserve a massive Llara-shaped highlight right now too because I returned some stuff there recently and, on opening the bag at the cash desk, I found a spider running about on the clothes. The dude at the cash desk was most cool and calm about it - by my standards I was too. I think I'm beginning to make peace with spiders these days. Anyhoo, when the spider moved onto the bag plastic for a sec, I grabbed the stuff out and the nice dude took the bag away - phew! Thanks nice H&M dude.

Major collar jazzling! Note, no Adam's apple. That's right: I'm well a chick.
Have any of you actually seen mannequin? It's one of those films on my 'to see' list that I've never actually got around to. One day, eh?



You look fabulous head to toes, my dear llara.
I cannot get over of your posting, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

LadyBugSays ... said...

Love the bejewelled collar!

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit! So glad the H&M guy dealt with th spider, I would have freaked!
Mannequin is on my to-see list too! Damn, will have to rectify that.

Benlovesting said...

Lovely blog! :)

Helga! said...

I remeber Mannequin! Showing my age here....it was rather fabulously cheesey! I can't remember if it is Andrew McCarthy or James Spader who was in it.......
I've only heard of H & M, we don't have that shop in my neck of the woods!I reckon you deserve some freebies for advertising them!!!
The collar is adorable,darl!

Pearl Westwood said...

Oh man you have to see that film its brilliant!! x