16 June 2011

Something old, something, er, old...

I bought me some vintage, innit. As I said in my recent Primark post (and as echoed by gorgeous Vix), I do like to pick up something unique when it comes to shopping, as opposed to just more high street fodder. On a shallow note, it's great going out with the knowledge that it's unlikely someone will be knocking about in the same dress/skirt etc as you. On a slightly, shall we say, deeper note, I love the idea of wearing something with history or a story attached. Plus, recycling clothes is good for the environment and whatnot too. I'm off to polish my halo after finishing this (*she remembers the Primark post and the shoes post and climbs off her high horse*. She is, as it happens, entirely allergic to horses anyway.)

So, last week, I had an email from GiGi Vintage. They were celebrating their 1st birthday with a £7 sale from 7am-7pm. Nice. Definitely worth a look, I figured, and I wasn't disappointed. Inevitably, some of the good bits had already sold out when I popped on and it was a scramble to find things in the right size (I never like to discount vintage things on size til I check the measurements) but it was a good scramble. And here's what I came out with. I don't know their stories, just that they're awesome and they FIT!

Let's start with the boots:

I've never bought vintage shoes before (usually because shoes weren't invented in my size in yesteryear. Either that or the vintage size 7 and 8 shoes are hiding from me) and can't believe that these actually fit! They're soft cream leather and just need a wee wipe down and they're good to go. I love the detailing on the ankle and the long but not pointy toes. The soles are virtually unworn and the uppers and lining are in great condition too. All for seven quid! They're a brand called Partners? I can't find any info on them but, if you know anything, do tell me!

Next up is this:

Can you tell what it is yet (said in Rolf Harris voice). Sacramento, I think you'll like this!

Can you? It's a skirt! Well it was sold as a skirt...
'Scuse the boobs trying to break out.
But makes a cute little sundress too! And would you look at that fabric. I mean, jeez - it's awesome! Leopards prowling about in a flowery jungle. I think I was meant to find this skirt! And surely no-one else has one. If you do, let me know!
So, all in all, it's thumbs up for GiGi! Plus, they delivered fast and in a cute pink bag.


Vix said...

Sacramento would love that skirt! It's fabulous, so eighties in a crazy and cool way and it looks equally brilliant worn as a skirt or a dress.
I remember those "Partners" boots, my Mum had a pair in metallic gold in the 1980's. I think they were from Freemans' catalogue and quite costly at the time. xxx

sacramento said...

How do you know me so well, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I adore the skirt. I will have to come over and shop your closet, hehehhe.
You are so fabulous in that dress, too my wonderful Llara.
Mil besos

ClimbingtotheMoon said...

thanks for sharing, never heard of these guys before will deffo be taking a look. LOVE the skirt, and I love it even more that you have worn it as a dress! :o)

Lisa Mailer said...

lookin GOOOOOD llara. you sure know how to find a bargain eh? xx

Helga! said...

Holy shit that skirt is fabulous....can see Sacramento in it too!
Yay for bargains,I love 'em!!!

Sophie - Country Girl said...

Great skirt/dress find and love the vintage shoes. Great finds!

Misfits Vintage said...

Those boots are fab - I would SO have worn those in 1984 with leggings and layers of plastic pearls and scraps of lace in my hair - and danced around to The Communards!

Sarah xxx

Faff said...

Ha love the bit about the high horse, I'm constantly climbing on and off mine too! Totally agree about the vintage shoes, if I was a size 5 I'd seriously have the biggest collection of shoes ever, as it is my size 7s actually save me some cash hehe. Ooh you have awards over at my place! :)

Scarlett said...

Just found your blog through Faff - you had me at the pair of shoes in your blog header!! Your newest follower Scarlett x