28 June 2011

Acceptable in the 80s...

Look how tall my hair is! Wowee!

The company I work for turns 30 this year and, to celebrate, they threw us an awesome 80s themed party (since we started out in 1981). We had red carpet photography (yup - absolutely as naff as it sounds but totally fun all the same!), a bunch of free drinks, amazing tunes all night, an awards ceremony and some fantastic prizes (jealous much of the chick who won an iPad2?). But, the best bit was, without question, the fact that they got a team of hair and make up artists to come to the office during the day to knock together some 80s hair and make up for those who wanted it. Yup, part of my working day last Thursday consisted of sitting being crimped and back-combed to within an inch of my (hair's) life! Best job ever? It's hard to see from the pics but my artiste went with a pink, green and orange striped eye, slightly heavy brow and bright orange lippie. I had to tone down the eye a little but I made up for it by topping up the orange lippie throughout the night! (With my duty free purchased MAC Morange Lipstick - it's vibrant to say the least).Well, it would have been rude not to! The resultant look was kind of sad punky/new romantic prom girl. I loved it!
Dress: vintage from charity shop (only 7 quid!), Feathered cape: ASOS - gift from a friend, Necklace: Primark (£1 in the sale!), Shoes: Schuh (£15 in the sale).
Total bargain outfit, non? I LOVE this dress! It's so demented bridesmaid and I adore the ruching on the front, the rose on the waist and the heavy full skirt. They said it was going cheap as the straps were frayed. I just cut them off! It's so nipped and boned it doesn't need them anyway.It has two labels inside it "Richard Shops" and "A Herald Fashion". I haven't had time to Google them but I'm sure, when I did in the past, it didn't turn up much. I remember a shop, Richards, when I was wee though and suspect this is an 80s does 50s number.

P-to-the-S - the shoes are pair #61 in my shoe wearing challenge!


Please may I? said...

One word .....


You look fab.

X x

Sophie - Country girl said...

wow this is such an awesome 80's look! I love the WHOLE look and what a baragin for the dress. I love charity shops.

Brat said...

Awesome! Totally unrelated to the 80s but I love how your pinky is poked out in both pics, how very british haha!



Helga! said...

Sweets,you look fecking AMAZING!!!
A fine example of working the 80's in a modern way,and making it look brillant!It works! LOVE the frock and the cape is making me hyperventilate with jealousy!!!

The Vegetable Assassin said...

Now I will start by saying I LOVE THE DRESS! So you are not in any doubt of that when I then say "Do you remember those green triangle chocolates in Quality Street?" :) Cos that dress totally reminds me of their wrappers. Which makes it extra awesome.

Vix said...

That dress does wonders for your bod, you look like a goddess. The colour is gorgeous.
Your hair is exactly the look most of my classmates had when we were in our mid-teens when we were all in love with Ian McCulloch. x

Faff said...

Aah awesome hair! Also awesome day at work - today I had to sit thru 2.5 hours of robots fighting for the 3rd time over something I missed the point of... Your day wins! :)

Misfits Vintage said...

Awesomesauce from top to toe - your hair is FAB and the frock and feathers are AMAHAAYYAAZING!

I wanna work where you work!

Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

Wel Jel of your party it sounds awesome. Outfit fab as usual x

Frances said...

That look is stunning!

sacramento said...

I absolutely adore that dress, ahhhhhhhhhhh magical.
The 80s are my favourite time in fashion together with the 40s, so much fun.
For what I saw in Berlin, the 80s are coming back.
You look so beautiful, Llara.

A Thrifty Mrs said...

What an outfit!
You look frickin' awesome.
That shade of green looks amazing on you.

Jen said...

That cape is amazing! Gutted I was never brave enough to buy one =(

MillyCupcake said...

oh my giddy god,
you look ahmahzing
seriously, I love the hair and the feather cape especially!



Smeeeff said...

I was there, I saw this outfit and hair combo in full swing, it was lush! x

Alex said...

That is some seriously big hair! You really suit the 80's look.

I am wibbling with jealousy over that frock though. Gorgeous!

Laura Adams said...

That feather cape is DIVINE!!! And those heels are simply stunning too. Gold (Y) :3 Great blog! x