8 June 2011

Oops - I did a Primark

We don't have a Primark where I live and it's always been the case that, whenever you went somewhere that had one, you went mental and bought up half the shop, triumphantly returning home with declarations of "look at all this! And it only cost me 30 quid!". We're due to get branch this year (or maybe next. It was supposed to be last year) and how do you like this - I am totally losing the Primark feeling. Don't get me wrong, I still pop in and pick up the odd thing here and there, but I don't enjoy it like I used to. In fact, a few times recently, I've popped into Primark only to turn around and leave.

I don't know if it's all the exposes on their (and other high street retailers) alleged human rights failings leaving a sour taste, the fact that their prices have increased noticeably and while they're still cheap, they're not as cheap as they were (and I suspect it isn't the factory workers getting the difference. Yes, I know the cost of materials, transportation etc have risen sharply lately) or the fact that so often the quality and fit of things really is crap, but it just doesn't do it for me like it used to. There's definitely also an element of "she has my dress, she has my dress, she has my dress" ad nauseum. Plus, I find going into their shops, piled with stuff, rammed with people, things all over the floor, queues everywhere really offputting.

So, when I was in Glasgow last week, I thought twice about going into the shop but, not wanting to miss a hidden gem, I decided to go for it. And I bought some stuff (you didn't see this post going that way, did you?!). And I'm going to show you it! My apologies at this point if you thought this post was about becoming truly worthy and turning my back on the high street. I didn't mean to mislead you!

First up is this skirt. I know, I know, it's one of those "been on a million blogs and in a million magazines" pieces but is really is lovely on, it's super pretty, the fabric is stiff and heavy and I can honestly say that, even if 50s-esque stuff hadn't been having a moment, I'd have got it anyway cos that's my bag baby.
Skirt £16

Speaking of bags, I picked up this little khaki floral one. It's just the right size for all my bits and bobs (including my trusty water bottle - I literally cannot go anywhere without a water bottle. And when it comes to Christmas parties, my one rule is that my bag needs to be big enough to fit a cheeky wee gin bottle in. Don't tell whatever god awful hotel we're having the party in this year - I'm sure they would NOT be happy) and has a shoulder strap, a zippy inside pocket and other pockets - pockets (or lack thereof) make or break a bag purchase for me!

Bag £5
I also grabbed a shirt while I was in. I've got really into shirts lately - it's like I'm 14 again - all I wore then was oversized check shirts, dodgy t-shirts and leggings, with the occasional pair of jeans or hippy skirt. However, this time around, while I still love a checked shirt, I'm also foraying into patterns and this mint green floral number is adorable. PLUS, it's something that could be from anywhere and not necessarily the sort of thing everyone will rush to buy.

Shirt £6
Granny-tastic cardigan. This is the kind of thing I aim to pick up somewhere like Primark. As with the shirt, it's not the sort of thing you see in magazines, it isn't a standout piece and it could be old or new. But it's cute with a kind of lacey look and has gold lurex on it (can't resist a bit of gold lurex). Can I just say at this point, it isn't that I don't want people to think I've shopped at Primark (I wouldn't put my purchases up here if that was the case!) - I don't really care what people think! It's just that I'm not keen to buy the things you see every second person wearing or pieces you can't do your own thing with!

Cardigan £12
And finally, some wee jewellery bits! A flamingo brooch and a lizard ring. Well, they're just cute, aren't they!?
Ring £1.50
Brooch £1


snippets&scribbles said...

Haha great post! I was looking forward to a rant about how bad Primark was! :)
But, I love all those items as well, the brooch and ring are awesome, they're so quirky. Although I think Primark is bad for the human rights aspects, you can't beat some of their products, I quite often do a Primark too..



Dial V for Vintage said...

Nice finds! That cardigan looks very luxurious and glamourous :). And the skirt is lovely too!

sacramento said...

Wonderful, wonderful fines.
After charity shops, Primark is definitly my best thrill.

Please may I? said...

That skirt is very pretty, but I think the shirt is my favourite.

X x

Alex said...

I do think I'm sort of over Primark at the moment. Unless the stuff is really nicely made (and those few items take a fair amount of looking for) then I just see it as a waste of money really. I'm clearly getting old, cross and stingy. Oh and have no shopping patience left.

Having said all that, I do love what you've bought, especially that sparkly cardi.

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

Ah, just stumbled on your blog! It's so adorable. I'm loving that skirt. (I've never actually seen it on any other blogs, so it's won me over! Hahah.) And those pins? EEK WAY AWESOME.

Also, stalked your post below and AH THAT DRESS IS THE CUTEST. Makes me want to get back into sewing!

Check out mine?


Laura Tenshi said...

I hate it when they do that to my favorite stores too !
At least you found some great items ! That skirt is really pretty and the flamingo brooch is gorgeous.

Vintage Vixen said...

That flamingo brooch is so pretty.
I've never got Primark. Whilst I can see the attraction for the instant gratification from fast fashion the thought of wearing something everyone else owns fills me with dread.
There's no Primark in my town but there's mega excitement as there's one scheduled to open in the next few months. On the plus side it will certainly increase the footfall in our derelict town centre but the downside will be that the charity shops will be saturated with hardly worn Atmosphere. xxx

The Brunette said...

I love your bag xx

Misfits Vintage said...

The flamingo brooch is super cute!

Sarah xxx