16 June 2010

OMKP (that's Oh My Katy Perry), I think I want a rubber dress!

Wow! Katy Perry is getting all kinds of down with this rubber dress thing right now. I'm not a big fan of flag based fashion so I personally wouldn't be so much up for the America <3 the UK dress, although I suspect Wonder Woman is currently eating her heart out.

My major crush is on the pink and blue palm tree clad effort. I love a print and bold use of colour and, darn it, the girl looks GOOD in it. Jealous? Much? Plus, check the matching pink lips 'n' nails and fully clashing sunnies. It's just all too awesome for words. So I'll stop.

Because, the thing is, beyond the 'how do you pee?' and 'how do you get it on if you're remotely warm?' questions, rubber dresses do have their upsides. How figure sculpting is that stuff? It just sooks you in and hold everything in place. It's as if you have no wobbly bits. Plus, when your tipsy friend accidentally slings a glass of vino tinto your way, no problem - simply wipe clean!! Plus, it's SO a look - the chance are that no-one's gonna rock up in the same dress as you. Unless you're at Torture Garden or summat in which case it's a distinct possibility.

Note to Amber Rose - I'm advocating the use of a rubber dress. Human condom isn't where this is at. Go forth and be plastic fantastic!


libys11 said...

oh yeah.. im totally digging the palm dress one!! so fun and vibrant!!!! nothing but pure fabulousity! :D

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Little Scribbler said...

Thanks Eri! :)