14 June 2010

mmm - pretty things

Well hello there my dears. In the absence of time to go scouting round Edinburgh to see if there are any fashionable looking folk out there (and to re-define, by fashion I mean people looking particularly fabulous, working their own groove and/or cutting a dash. Working a look with confidence. Not fashion slaves - that's just boring.), I've decided to enthrall you with some recent delicious purchases. Pretty things, not groceries or owt! And first up, I got this absolutely gorgeous leather neck lace at a local craft fair at the weekend. Now I'll be darned if I know what the girl's 'company' is called which is crappy because I'd love to be able to give her a bit of a push here. She does lots of lovely rosettes (which she crafts with frightening precision) and pretty little lace bits and bobs and the foray into leather goods is new for her (so she was telling me). I hope you'll agree this necklace is beautiful and that'll you'll join me in worshiping her awesomeness for a moment...

Second up was today's cheeky wee purchase. I wasn't planning on shopping, really I wasn't but sometimes something just grabs you, y'know. And this bag grabbed me bad. Let's be clear; I'm a shoe girl, not a bag girl, as a general rule. Bags are nice and I have plenty but shoes are my thing. But when a bag is this pretty...well you just gotta say yes. Blue felt, with red gingham, an adorable red and white polka dot bow and a gold cord cross body strap. (and weirdly orange velvet lining but it's what's on the outside that counts. Isn't it?) It's from schuh:

Note how the evening sun casts it's shadow across my living room, creating dimensions of colour. Haha - I'm messing with you! I'm a good humoured wannabe writer, not a photographer!

Laters xxx

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Abbie said...

That bag is lovely, you should get the shoes to match! Oh shape ups, i work at schuh (as it goes) and people love them for some reason. I don't even think they work, oh well...they don't know that :) blogs looking good! x