29 March 2013

Dr. Martens and diamantes...

I'm sure I don't need to ask, but is anyone fed up of this perpetual winter yet?! I mean, I'm lucky: we've had a few hairy days but nothing at all compared to the poor folk on Arran and in Western Scotland and North West England who lost their power and everything. That must have been so miserable. However, to return to the utterly superficial (oh, come on, this is a fashion blog), sartorially, all the snow means one thing: it's back to the Dr. Martens!

Dr. Martens boots from schuh
They're cosy, they keep my feet dry and they're a sticky, grippy treat on the ice and snow!

The sunshine in this ensemble comes courtesy of my bargain sale dress from River Island. I love the sunset graphic on it. It should be all wrong - it emphasises my widest parts, both in imagery and cling  but who cares, eh? I hope to sweat it out in it in the clubs of Ibiza this summer, having watched the glorious sunset there, mere hours before! On the beach, with a bottle of wine, ideally.

And how better to further cheer things up than with a splash of diamant√©  If ever it's a toss up between the classy and the trashy, I'll always opt for a dash of the latter. It's just more fun.

Diamant√© shoulder jumper - Topshop
 And why limit the shimmer to the shoulder, when you can fire on a twinkly necklace too? This necklace was a cheeky wee Primark bargain but, as is so often the case, I see it on someone's neck most days now. Ah well, it still looks good!

Have an ace Easter weekend, whatever you're up to!


Anonymous said...

That jumper is cool! I've been living in all my heaviest boots but just got given the cutest pair of summer sandals. can't wait to wear them!


Helga! said...

A dash of trashy is always the best thing!You poor bastards are having the shittiest weather, but you are sparkling your way through it nicely! I could do with some good, sturdy boots like those...XXX

Sacramento Amate said...

I love the print of the dress, and that wonderful necklace, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh