18 March 2013

A walk, a burger and signs of spring

Mr Llara and I both totally caned it on the exercise front this weekend (I'm talking I did back to back RPM and Combat both Saturday and Sunday morning - insert smug face here) so, on Sunday afternoon, we felt it only appropriate to stretch our legs with a wee walk and feed our bellies with big burgers!

Mt gym trainers smell heavily of feet...
It chucked it down when we first went out (literally, I had a soggy bum-cheek by the time we got to the pub) but had cheered up super loads by the time we came home, so I stopped for a quick snap of a snowdrop. A sure sign that Spring's trying to, well, spring!

My feet in my EPIC leopard hi tops.
His feet in his perfectly acceptable (but soggy) trainers.
So, when we arrived at the pub, I was most happy to get the soggy coat off and leave it by the radiator to dry. The one bonus of the giant sack-like parka that I was wearing is that it does dry really quickly. I had to make do with parking my damp arse on a seat and hoping it'd dry out...Anyway, all wet bum concerns were forgotten when a nice wee glass of red wine and a H-U-G-E pulled pork burger arrived!

Look at that - what a beast! There was so much meat and the seeded bun was nicely toasted on the inside. Plus, the chips were just the right side of not-quite-burnt-yet and were light and fluffy inside. And look at his burger - two burgers in one bun - and that's just their standard! Both were super tasty. His gherkin got rejected though...

It looks like a slug! Ew! Finally, as we were at Lebowski's bar and they have an extensive White Russian menu, we decided it would be rude not to finish with one each. I went with an amaretto twist...

Well, when at Lebowski's, one really should do as the dude does, shouldn't one?


char said...

Giant burger indeed!

Helga! said...

Ha, you smug, virtuous trollop!!
You most certainly earnt that burger! I love gherkins, sluglike or not!

Halima - Fashionicide said...

The burgers look delish! I could demolish a burger right about now. ;)

And you've seen a sign that spring is coming? I've not spotted a single daffodil yet, I remember this time last year we had a mini heat wave, what a country we live in!