16 September 2012

Wolf and Moon jewellery - ah-oooo!

I was at Bestival at the weekend. It was ace. I was there with work and, while there were loads of good acts there, there was no one I was mad desperate to see so, because I wasn't stressing about being in a set place at a set time, it was way relaxed. Woop! I have some ace pics that I'll share you soon with but this post is about a jewellery brand I discovered there. What do you mean you already guessed that from the title and you wondered why I was talking about Bestival? Regardless, finding cool independent brands is one of my favourite things about festivals, alongside having fun at things you didn't even mean to see or expect to be that fussed about, and eating ace food. Festival food is so great these days! At Camp Bestival, I found I Am Acrylic. At Bestival, those guys were there too but my new discovery was Wolf and Moon. Also big users of perspex, there's plenty of wood incorporated in their designs too.

I only picked up perspex designs and I couldn't resist grabbing a few things! Like this gorgeous glittery gold deer:

According to their 'about' section, "Everything you see in the Wolf & Moon shop is lovingly handmade or handpicked by Hannah Davis. She recently graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College and you can find her personal work here: www.hannahdavis.co.uk

Richard Makhlouf helps Hannah with accounts, making pieces and sometimes running the market stall." 

When I visited the stall the girl, who I assume was Hannah said she does make all the perspex pieces - amazing! They're so intricate and I can't help but wonder how many deer's legs are accidentally snapped, trying to get one perfect. This feather is simple and gorgeous. And glittery...

Once I got the pieces safely home from Bestival, I couldn't resist wearing one straight away!

Jumper: ASOS, Skirt: Topshop, Nike Air Safari: schuh

For the amount of work that must go into these pieces, their prices were really reasonable too. The feather and deer were both £8 and the one above was £12. The most expensive was this baby at £25. But it literally stretches across my front to the outer edges of my collar bones. It's GIANT! And stunning.

Glitter! Mirror! Colour! Oh my!

They're all off to live in with the rest of my neck-wear on my bedroom walls now.

Anyone else been festivalling it up lately?


Vix said...

That huge statement necklace is gorgeous and I'm salivating over the display you've got going on, too.
I'm sure you already know about my festival exploits, bring on Glasto ticket day! x

Natasha said...

Wolf and Moon are great, I love their designs and the glittery deer is on my wishlist. I can't I haven't found your blog until now either! xxx

helen at thelovecatsINC said...

ah how pretty!!

from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

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Alex said...

I bought earrings from there at Bestival!

It was so nice to meet you by the way - just sorry we had to disappear so soon.