18 September 2012

Four and a half years later...

I moved into my current flat 4 and a 1/2 years ago. We weren't planning to move from our last place: the flat got almost no light (north facing tenement) and was the size of a shoe box. And full of shoe boxes, of course. But it was our tiny dark place. It was the first flat Mr Scribbler and I bought together and we got engaged in the living room, so the idea of moving on felt really sad but also seemed totally unaffordable - this was pre-market crash when flat prices were crazy. However, one day I was idly looking at other flats on the internet (as you do) and came across something a wee bit bigger than ours that look within our reach. So we decided to go look at it. And we figured, if we were going to do that, we might as well look at a couple more places too. One was the place we now live. It seemed beyond budget but we totally fell in love. We pushed the money boat out and were lucky enough to come top when all the bids went in. Yay! Of course, we can probably never move now that the market has crashed but that's by the by. 

And since we moved in, I'd never got round to sorting out my CD collection.

Until Sunday...

They were all in shelves and whatnot but I had no idea what was where and when looking for a specific album, I'd always give up and listen to something else. Which I guess is kinda fun. But, I finally decided enough was enough and got to sorting them out. While sorting, it became apparent that you have a better chance of getting into my collection if your band's name starts with an 'S' or an 'M'. Who knew? I also discovered that my CDs were filthy! There was some serious dusting needing done in there.


And now they're all alphabetised, like the albums of any good serial killer. Some in the awkward Ikea shelf that doesn't sit right against the wall.

 Some in the Edinburgh press with other nick-naks.

One thing that will probably never change though? After over 11 years together, Mr S and I will almost certainly never amalgamate our collections...I can't handle all his Bob Dylan, he can't handle my Blur. Some things just need to stay independent. His are in this shelf he built. Yes ladies, ma man is good with wood.

Do you merge CD collections with boy/girlfriends? I find it fascinating for some reason!

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Krista said...

This cracks me up one because I have several of those scary tall never quite sure if it will fall over Ikea shelves and two because my hubby and I had several duplicate CDs when we finally made the merge. Btw, Edinburgh was an amazing city and I can't wait to go back:)