21 February 2012

I'm back v LFW - this stuff looks goooood!

Hello. How's things? I've been away so long, busy, la, la, flah, flah excuses. Now that's done, and I hope you guys are well! I'm good - actually I have a super scabby knee [fell down some steps] and a manky throat but I have plenty to be happy about too - why sweat the small stuff?! - and have, as many folk will, been getting a wee bit excited about all the fashion week shizzle that's going down right now in London town.

When it comes to shit as serious as fashion week I should point out that, for me, it's not mega serious. I LOVE catching some of the shows and poring over the pics and, as a part high street shopper, it's unavoidable that I will be influenced by the trends that filter down etc. That said, I am not and never have been a slave to the trend and am happy to forge my own path, picking and choosing the right bits of trends for me. But, yeah, I love the shows! And yesterday was a biggie! So I thought, for your viewing pleasure should you care, (and for my own amusement frankly!) I'd make some super swizzy collages of some of my favourite stuff from some of my favourite shows (that I've actually seen bits of - don't judge me for being all big name - I'm short on time).

I always get my excited on when it comes to Erdem. And when I enjoy a designer, I always worry before the show that I won't like their new season stuff. Which, of course, would be a body blow to the designers, seeing as I am their absolute target market and probably in the upper eschelons of the 'best customer' ranks. With my spare millions. Sometimes I use 50 pound notes in lieu of post it notes just for fun. They don't stick too well but man do they feel extravagant. Anyway, Erdem can rest easy because I LOVED his show! Go Erdem! Plenty flowers for Llara and I adore the colour palette of sumptuous jewel tones with bright pops of pink and lime here and there. Divine! If I could have one piece, it would be the dress on the top right - beautiful. If I was all slinky of hip and could have another piece I think it would be the dress top row, second from left. It's just so pri-teee!

 Christopher Kane

 I like Christopher Kane. Him. Whenever I read stuff, he sounds like a dead hardworking and lovely fella. Give me that over some pompous diva any day. Anyway, this is purely superficial and it's about the clothes. I like slightly less here than I did at Erdem but, again, I have to nod to the gorgeous rich colour palette of purples (including a lilac carpet. Nice), broken up with bright violent shots of red here and there. Beautiful. It's all pretty sexy with the leather (I think it's leather) and lace (we used to have a sex shop up the road called leather and lace. They changed the name to "Fem 2 Dom". For real. They had another branch too which is now re-branded as "Adult Conceptions". I think there's a "least sexy sex shop name" award in there somewhere) and has an amazing rock 'n' roll vibe. I love the dress on the right and I'm a fan of the sloppy jumper flung over it on the left. Love a good jumper!


 I always feel a bit like I shouldn't like Burberry - it's so polished, blow dried and glossy - but I really kinda do. And not just because I wish I looked like Rosie HW or Cara D. Here's what I loved about their AW12 show:

* Owls. Owls emblazoned on t-shirts and jumpers. I'm all for a bit of cute in high fashion!

* Bows. On every waist! Thick belts over coats and skirts with chunky cute bows and skinny belts tied into bows. Bows are GOOD people, very good.

* Stripes - stripey tees, stripey slouchy skirts - love 'em all.

* Coats. These guys are pretty much the king of the coat anyway (arise sir Christopher, lord of coats. Downgraded from king to lord already, eh?) but this season encompassed so many looks: the trench (obvs), cropped little jackets, military style, gorgeous draped waterfall fronts and a beautiful knitted stole. With a bow. And the puffa. Yup, the puffa. When I started seeing tweets from people declaring that we'd fall for the puffa this season, I had a low down chuckle. However, when I saw 'the puffa' (top right), I must admit I swayed. The thing looks like an amazing petrol stained beetle-tastic piece of sleeping bag-esque warmth! This ain't no 'team with a scrunchie and get down to Iceland' affair. Still, I don't reckon 2012 will be the year I embrace the puff. You?
And finally - if you're gonna talk Burberry, it's only right that you have a quick perv at Eddie Redmayne. Hubba, hubba, swoon! You are welcome!

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Welcome back missus.

I totes approve of 1) the owls. I love an owl.

And 2) gratuitous picture of a hot male.

Well done!

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Bug @ Bugwear
(I am remaining anonymous on all this stuff btw, even though my face is plastered all over it)