22 February 2012

A Brit of excitement makes things something of a Blur...

Yesterday was a great day. It was pancake day (I love pancakes and am the meanest tosser going. Fnar) and it was the Brit awards. Most years I mean to catch the Brits then don't but this year it was penned (not pencilled, penned) in my diary for ages in advance, on account of the fact that Blur were playing! Squee! I LOVE Blur. I'm that 90s kid who never moved on and still loves Blur.

As a teenager, my bedroom was a riot of indie band posters - Blur filled one wall, Oasis the other (I've always been indecisive) and the middle was a mish mash of the Charlatans, Ocean Colour Scene, Shed 7, Supergrass and whoever else I was feeling at the time. And I'm just not over it. These days it might be photos of friends and family on my walls and the odd nice picture, rather than posters and articles ripped from the pages of Big, Smash Hits, NME and Melody Maker but, oh those boys and their guitars are still in my heart. When Blur reformed for gigs back in 2009 I thought I might actually burst - especially when nearly all of them clashed with my hen do, wedding and honeymoon. Gutted. I managed the Newcastle gig two days before the wedding (and the day Michael Jackson died) and it was just amazing. So, post Brits I am hoping desperately that they tour again. What can I say?

Anyway, by the time I got to pancake flipping (like a pro. Did I mention that I toss like a badass?) and Brits watching I was in my pjs but here's what I wore earlier that day:

Dress: Tesco, Cardi: Asda, Belt and necklace: Accessorize, shoes Primark
 I hadn't realised til I came to write this that I was dressed as a trolly dash. I bloody love this Asda cardi though cause I've never seen anyone in the same, it has cute flower detailing on the buttons and it looks vintage. No-one has ever suspected it for a supermarket purchase. And now you know my secret.

My sister gave me this wee fella for my birthday
Here are the shoes (cause it's what I iz about, innit?). They were £6 in Primark's sale. I do enjoy a bit of orange and on a brogue it's freakin' awesome. And on that note, I bid you goodnight.


Please may I? said...

You made m mile withy our tossing comment, pancakes that is. My first one was a disaster!

X x

Vix said...

Radio One played Shed Seven yesterday and i was in Nineties heaven! Loved Blur but I find Gorillaz strangely dull, the Glasto set left me cold.
Loving that 'oss pendant and your orange shoes! x

Carol said...

You get skinnier by the day!!


Caz x

sacramento said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Llara is so nice to hear from you. I always miss your wonderful posts, fabulous outfit and shoes.
I hope you are back for good.

Carrå Åsgård said...

I love your unicorn!!

Helga! said...

I'm cardi obsessed,and that one looks a treat! Bought at a supermarket?! Jeez,we're lacking.

Laura Tenshi said...
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Laura Tenshi said...

Yey for pancakes and for being a 90s kid.
Love the color of your shoes.