15 January 2012

You bet I've been back to the Affordable Vintage fair!

Yup, whenever the affordable vintage fair rolls north of the border, I have to pop along and check it out: I'm looking forward to them announcing this year's dates! There's no ignoring that a lot of it is distinctly NOT affordable but, nonetheless, I love the rake and the eye candy and it's fun looking through everything. Tell that to my poor friends who are usually outside having coffee before I've even got half way round.

Last time it came round, pickings were on the slim side, but I did pick up these two dresses on a two for £25 dealio. When you think how much you'd have paid for something similar in a high street store, I figure that to be a decent bargain! Plus, with a bold print on something high street, you're sure to get plenty "she has my dress" moments.

Both are really flattering with their slim waists and, once you fire a belt over the elasticated section, they look proper lovely and girlie! I'm all for a nice floral, so these patterns are ideal and, maybe somewhat oddly, I really rather like the shiny 70's "dinnae come near me with a match" type polyester-y fabric they're made from! It's sufficiently weighty so as to be figure skimming, but light enough not to bog one down. One does not like to be bogged down.

Now, whenever I pick up a wee vintage bargain, I always get chided for not giving you an outfit shot too. I listen and, indeed, I oblige. So here's a wee shot of ONE of them. Well you don't expect me to give everything up right away, do you? I'm afraid I just ain't that kinda gal.

vintage dress, shoes: River Island, Cardi & necklace: primark, belt: H&M
Ch-ch-check it out: the necklace is too good not to get a close up. Yup, in spite of what I just said about high st statement pieces, I couldn't resist this.What, I'm fickle and easy won. It's about mixing it up, innit?


Gem said...

2 for £25, bargain! they look lovely x

Helga! said...

O,you are a good girl,giving us an outfit pic!
I adore both frocks,but especially the one you've styled so fabulously!
Yeah,maybe not that affordable,but as you say,cheaper than the high st, and far more original!
Fark,love that necklace!Fantastic!

Please may I? said...

They look lovely dresses. Great fabric

X x

Sophie - Country girl said...

never been to a vintage fair but I daresay I'd look but not buy! Love how you styled your dress, that necklace is lovely x

Anonymous said...

ahhh i also love vintage dresses.
the one you wear on the picture suits you very well! (:


Misfits Vintage said...

That is my FAVE outfit on you EVER!!! You look so gorgeous. Sarah xxx

sacramento said...

Such a pleasure to have you back, please, please don´t go again, taking all your the magic away from the bloggospher.
You look soooooooooooo wonderful in that dress, and the sandals are perfection, my deares Llara.