11 January 2012

louboutin to work

Those Louboutin shoe boots I bought? I wore them. Well, what a waste not to, eh? Being a little on the plain side, I figured I should wear them with something interesting. Cue, my vintage Michel Adams jumper dress. I bloody love this dress and it is PERFECT for post festive belly hiding!

The boots are reasonably comfy for their height and slim heel. And, speaking of said heel, I managed not to snap my ankle in them though, I'm not gonna lie, I'm out of practise on the skinny, skinny heels so it took effort and there were a few wobbles! It's a wee bit sad that the red sole is messed up at the ball now but it would definitely be sadder if they went unworn and had no stories to tell. So now they can tell the story of "We went to work and worked". A life well lived ;-) Maybe their next adventure will be more interesting...


Forever Miss Vanity said...

Those shoes look fabulous. I really can't live without my heels :)



Please may I? said...

Well they and you look fab!

X x

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Glam top! =)