15 June 2014

What if people see me?

Something I hear from people talking about, thinking about, starting running, and something that worried me too, is the fear of being seen by people. I have news for you. If you go running, whether you're in the great, glorious outdoors, or treadmilling it in the gym, people will see you. Even if you go out really early, or really late or in shit weather. There's always someone about.

And I KNEW that, when I went out running, people who were about would absolutely, definitely, 100% be thinking "Gosh, I've never seen an arse bounce like that", "Bless, she's clearly not a proper runner", "Aren't those a chunky set of calves", "Who knew a face could go so red, sweaty and blotchy" and other unkindnesses. I mean it only makes sense. Because as soon as I walk out the door, I immediately become the sole focus of the attention of everyone around me, right? I'm sure it happens to you too so I expect you know what I mean.

Plus, whenever I see anyone out running, I always think, "Man, check out the state of"...


I almost never think mean things about people who are out running. In fact, I'm fairly sure that, before I even started with the blasted pursuit, I didn't even notice most runners. And now, when I see folk running, my main thought is "You're running just now and I'm not. You win AT LIFE". Beyond that, my thoughts are very much "Yeah! Good for you! This shit's hard and you are awesome." based. Because I'm still impressed when I see folk cracking on and doing it. It's a marvellous thing.

I will confess to one critical thought train though and that is in the "Ooft, you need a better bra love" vein. But that's just concern for mammarial welfare and owner comfort. Treat your boobs good when you run ladies!

So my conclusion has to be that, in spite of my absolute importance to everyone who is blessed with my very passing presence, people who happen to notice me when I'm out and about running, probably either think nothing or, if I'm lucky, "Aye, good one girl."

So my suggestion, if one of your fears is being seen by people, is that you, in the good words of Nike, Just Do It. Go out, give it a bash. A half cut dude outside a pub at 6.30am might even cheer you on. (That happened).

Just get a decent bra first...

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Smeeeff said...

I've had a few "you go girl" comments from buckfast drinking Glaswegians, it's actually more encouraging than you'd think! I also love another runners nod of approval. Great post lovely xx