13 December 2010

You better believe I'm stretching this into a two-parter!

Many apologies people. I've been a bad and irregular blogger over this last week or so. It's been a busy couple of weeks and I simply haven't found the time to put virtual pen to virtual paper. Anyway, after a weekend of my work Christmas party (drunken but fun but gosh my mouth really runs away with itself sometimes. You may have gathered that by now...), Shed 7 in Dunfermline (rock 'n' roll fun times, 90s style) and a much needed day and night at Stobo Castle Health Spa (free upgrade and a bathroom with green leopard print walls. Yes please!), I am back! Hello!

Now, I've finally taken shoes (boots) # 41 off my feet (DM boots from schuh). However, at a rough count, I think they spent over a fortnight straight on my feet in total (no they don't smell - cheeky!). Therefore, as the title suggests, you better believe I'm eaking them out into a blog-tastic two parter. Plus, because I'm not a smelly and didn't wear the same clothes for the fortnight, I totally have pictures of me wearing them with other stuff. Good times. First up, a little reminder of the boots.

Brown, leather and stompy. I can't believe I'm back to wearing Docs and that, at my ripe not that old age I'm already recycling fashion from my teens! Haha! Something in my head says that if I wore something at 14, either it's surely too tragic to be worn now OR I am not slender enough to be wearing said article anymore. However, as with other fashion related choices (stripes on a pear), I said "sod it" and wore them anyway.

dress and leggings: ASOS, cardi: primark, necklace: Accessorize
This is me with chronic hat hair. As well as wearing these boots all the time, I have had pretty much constant hat hair for the last fortnight. It's been so arctic I've HAD to wear a hat and, well, the hair comes with the territory. Bugger, right? I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that my hair was all blow dried and lovely for the Xmas party on Friday night and, thankfully, this weekend, we've seen almost unthinkable highs of up to 5-6c so my hair has been looking something resembling normal. It's mundane I know but it's the little things, innit? awfully exciting!

dress: Primark, cardi: New Look
This is me embracing Christmas fashion and the, er, sleepy look. My cardigan has reindeer on it! Yay! What's not to love about that? Plus, it's the most frickin' warm cardigan I own right now and that shit ain't to be sniffed at during lows of minus 15 or something. Have I ever told you that I do have a small weather obsession? Seriously, when this snow and whatnot happened, I was partly pissed off cos it was a pain (and in some cases, really downright awful to some very nice people) but partly loving the nation joining me in my weather joy. Rock on. I'm gonna try to wear heels with something colourful tomorrow so I have something purdy to stick on here. May as well embrace the dryness while it's here. Laters skaters...xxx


dinoprincesschar said...

I never really *got* the Doc Martens thing when i was growing up, bt these are definitely perfect for the current weather, and i really love the laces!

kirstyb said...

i love this look x

Fashion By He said...

great look!

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think

Fashion by He

sallyannie☆ said...

I know how you feel about wearing the same shoes...I've worn the same pair all week! For some reason they are the only comfortable black flat shoes I own...:(

Steph said...

i. want. that. cardi! xx